The Invasion of the Bootleg KAWS 4-Foot Companions

You can’t do an eBay search for Kaws without coming across a sea of bootlegs (usually promoted posts from China). However, those fakes are usually easy to spot. Ridiculously low price points, poor packaging quality and even the seller’s location can all be indications that you’re getting a fake KAWS piece. The exception to the rule may be the often grailed 4-Foot Companion from 2009.

Apparently, there are tons of fake KAWS 4-Foot Companions out there and since they’re so rare, they’re not that easy to spot. Produced by Medicom Toy Life Entertainment, Japan, the real 4-Foot Companions were an edition of 100 (for each colorway/style) in 2009. They were stamped with the fabricator’s name and dated 2009 on the underside of the right foot. The underside of the left foot was stamped with the artist’s name.

Check out these bootleg 4-foot Companions from They look pretty good in the photos and the fact that a real 4-foot Companions will run you anywhere from $100K – $150K USD, this may be the only opportunity for regular consumers to own one. The only problem for people in the US is that the shipping cost on these is about the same as the piece itself. Would you be willing to take a chance on a bootleg 4-foot Companion for $989.00 (and $738.95 in shipping)? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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