Ron English Indiegogo Fund Gives Collectors A Chance To Own An Original Piece For $2K

Ron English Indiegogo page

Ron English has a knack for getting his name in the mainstream media. Not long ago, he made headlines around the world for purchasing a Banksy piece that was removed from its original (and intended) location, with the sole intention of white washing it in protest.

The Popaganda creator is at it again, crowdfunding an art project on Indiegogo that makes a bold political statement while giving collectors the opportunity to own one of his original pieces for a relatively reasonable price.

The Ron English Wonder Wall fund promises to make good use of your contributions by creating a “…2000 ft long physical wall along the US/Mexico border, designed by artists and activists to be a conceptual message board for an ongoing discussion about the wall, border, wildlife and immigration issues. A temporary art installation to fuel the resistance against Trump’s racist monument.”

With a contribution of $2,000, you can get a Monarch Butterfly Painting, a spray paint and oil paint on faux brick – 24″x24″ limited edition of 100. Signed and numbered.

For a contribution of $200, you can get a “Mother, Should I Build a Wall? (and get Mexico to pay for it)” Print – 11″x14″ Gilcee print with prisma colored embellishment, signed and numbered.

Learn more by visiting the Ron English Indiegogo Page

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